With roots in genres like Jazz, Rock and Pop, Copenhagen producer Nandu combines these influences to produce a refreshing & unique sound, often covering a range of sub-genres across the deeper end of House, Techno & Electronica, from relaxed home listening to the peak time dance floor.

With a relentless work ethic and a consistent quality in his productions, he has already secured releases on Constant Circles, Connected and Rebirth, including his debut full length artist album last year on Constant Circles which received a breadth of critical acclaim. His latest endeavour appears to be as unique as his eclectic production style – his second full length album released on his own imprint Calypso Chili, focusing solely on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and premiered across a number of web platforms simultaneously. We premiere ‘Gloom‘ – the ninth track from the album and a deep and trippy journey into experimental electronica. Although this track stands beautifully alone, the album was clearly crafted as a thought-out whole, and you can listen to it in full, and buy it on Bandcamp.