For the second instalment of the Him Self Her podcast we have an exclusive mix from German artist Bast Grub, who has previously released on imprints such as Kling Klong, Kittball, Desolat, Cocoon, Get Physical and Moan.

Bast Grub’s distinctively original take on Tech House incorporates everything from exotic African vocals to Dub Reggae, which is usually mixed with his trademark blend of sequenced tribal beats and intricate melody.

With regular DJ support from people that range from Davide Squillace to Ricardo Villalobos, his next couple of forthcoming releases are due out on Stil Vor Talent and Voltaire Music.

All the music in this exclusive mix are Basti Grub’s own tracks, many of which are new and unreleased, so we strongly recommend checking this fantastic podcast…

01. Basti Grub – Disco Dance (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
02. Basti Grub – Don’t Go (Original Mix) [Be One Records]
03. Basti Grub – Angel (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
04. Basti Grub – Chaam (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
05. Basti Grub – Would I Be A? (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
06. Basti Grub – Kaschki (Original Mix) [ENOUGH! MUSIC]
07. Basti Grub – Dobatee (Original Mix) [Hoehenregler Records]
08. Basti Grub – querdance (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
09. Basti Grub – Ille (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
10. Basti Grub – Big Top (Original Mix)[Desolat]

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