Sweden’s Parabel powerhouse is home to some of the sharpest and respected Stockholm techno talent, including Jesper Dahlbäck aka The Persuader, Patrik Skoog, Petter B, and Nima Khak to name only a few.

The new EP goes by the name Way Of The Wild and sees a new collaboration EP from American Dustin Zahn and Joel Mull after releasing their last joint effort in 2010 on Dustin’s own renowned label called Enemy Records.

Lake Hawkins” seems to give a nod to the well known Stranger Things series, using gritty synths and loose-fitting melodic chords to inspire an awesome nostalgic sound. A formidable rolling beat underneath the lead creates a vibe that is ear-catching and familiar in one, definitely getting a solid thumbs up for a top draw track.

The release will be available digitally at Beatport and 12″ vinyl at Juno Records or Decks.de.

PRBL011 - Dustin Zahn & Joel Mull - Way Of The Wild