Him Self Her - Ed Nine

New on Inner Balance which is a sister label to Chez Damier’s Balance Records is an EP from up and coming Ed Nine whose a US artist that’s previously featured on the likes of Nurvous Records, Great Lakes Audio and Nite Grooves.

Chez Damier is of course a true legend of the Detroit music scene having opened The Music Institute venue in the late 80’s, and returned to his home town of Chicago in the early 90’s where he became an important part of the Chicago House movement.

Inner Balance is managed under the care of Jorge Caiado as Chez Damier’s latest project, and it’s an outlet for the timeless music which catches the attention of his honed and veteran ears.

Ed Nine’s new release titled the The Journey EP is his first appearance on the label, and each of the tracks has a deeply sensual sound with emotive chords and bumping grooves.

Opening with the hi tech funk of “Bittersweet“, its subtle sax stabs and analogue pads set the tone for what’s to come. The second track “Ghost” has a warm and rich sound with clattering hats and sporadic bursts of dreamy melody layered over melancholy pads.

Switching things up with a slightly more up-tempo vibe is the Two Step influenced “Wherever The Wind Takes Me“, before rounding things off with the Fender Rhodes chords of “Journey on Clark Street“.

Overall this a great EP and you can pick up a vinyl copy of the release from HERE.