Asymmetric Recordings is a label run by solo artists Lonya and Maydan. With a melodic sound, the label’s roster of artists has included tracks and remixes from the likes of Wally Lopez, Audio Junkies and King Unique amongst many others.

The new release on Asymmetric is a seven track EP featuring a selection of tracks perfect for the summer, which have all been handpicked by the label owners.

Each of the tracks brings a slightly different vibe to the table and all the tracks have their own time and place, but there is one track by Swedish artist Geist that really caught our attention.

Titled “Drifting Silver” it’s a fantastic deep and moody cut of tech house with epic pads and ethereal chants layered over stripped back percussion. With a great atmospheric sound this storytelling track is captivating from the first beat, and we are honoured to be presenting this exclusive first stream if it.

You can pick up a copy of the track from HERE.

AR145 - Geist - Drifting Silver