Brazilian born, London Based Vinicius Honorio has graced the rosters of world class labels like Drumcode & Skeleton, before founding his own imprint, Liberta Records. He makes a welcome contribution to our podcast series, with a one hour mix of pulsating techno grooves along with a mini interview.

Thanks for taking the time to record a mix for our podcast series, was there any special concept behind your mix, or tracks played from your own releases?

The mix’s concept is a reflection of what I’ve been playing recently in my DJ gigs and vibes I’m currently floating on; it also includes 3 of my own new productions, one being a collaboration with longtime friends, Balthazar & Jackrock. From the last Liberta’s release I’ve picked ‘Scatter’ that fits more with the raw and loopy idea behind it.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?

I recorded this mix when I went to visit Transcode’s studio last week in Manchester using an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer and 3x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus.

What is your thought process when picking out tracks for a podcast, do you pre-select the tracks, or just pick out the first couple and freestyle it from there? How do you compare playing in a club to recording a podcast, is there much of a change in your mixing style and track selections?

I believe that in recording a studio mix for a podcast you can be a lot more open-minded with your selection. I pre-select the tracks I wanna expose and I want the audience to pay attention to. You can play tracks that sometimes you wouldn’t necessarily play in a club in a two-hour set only. In a club, I tend to go more with the flow.

What stores or other places do you normally look for new music… is it all sourced online, or do you also pick up the odd bit of vinyl?

I buy xenical xenical my vinyl at Juno records and Discogs but unfortunately, I don’t play them at gigs anymore. Most of my music is sourced online and I always try to be updated with new music in my sets. For digital releases, I get it off Beatport and Bandcamp.

Could you tell us a bit about your most memorable DJ experience?

There has been a number of experiences which will forever be in my heart and memory, and as you can imagine some of them are not safe to describe in details.However, I always love to close the stage at Egg LDN, it’s a venue I keep close to my heart (and it is close to my house). 😛

What other projects do you have lined up, do you have any new releases or forthcoming gigs we should be watching out for?

I’ve been working a lot in my studio, I have just wrapped a new batch of music that might be the 3rd release on Liberta, and getting together four remixes to be released on a vinyl later on this year. I also did a remix for Ramon Tapia’s track ‘Club Pirates’, that is coming out very soon on Underground Audio, a new collaboration with Balthazar & Jackrock is coming out on Suara this summer and I’ve recently joined Miracle Management and their stellar roster.

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