For almost a decade, French producer Acumen has delivered a consistent flow of releases spanning the sub genres of electronic music, from deep melodic house through to driving techno, across the worlds biggest underground labels including Last Night On Earth, Get Physical, Upon You and his own label Time Has Changed. And it is on this label, which he co-founded with Timid Boy, that he has chosen to showcase his latest LP “Brune”.

Titled after the latest addition to the Acumen family, Brune is the name of his baby daughter, which follows suit to previous albums, the first of which dedicated to his son, and the second to the girls and women he loves.

The album is a testament to Acumen’s finely honed studio skills and his eclectic production style, which is immediately demonstrated in the opening track ‘Made For You’ with its classic house groove and trippy melodic patterns flowing perfectly underneath Cari Golden’s beautiful & soulful vocal. Pushing the genre boundaries even further is the slow indie electronica vibes of title track ‘Brune’.

On the whole though, this is a showcase of Acumen’s ability to deliver dance floor focused, melodic house and techno, and no doubt there are a number of tracks in here that will be on rotation at clubs and festivals across the world. As with any album, there are also some interesting collaborations with current artists, including Felix Marret, Phonique, Marc De Pulse, and a stand out track with Mattia Pompeo and Forrest.

Overall this is an eclectic and innovative work from an artist that is consistent in quality but never stagnant in style. Buy it on BEATPORT 

Listen to the whole album here: