For a special edition of our podcast series, we caught up with Allies For Everyone and grabbed a recording of his set at Burning Man, including live vocals.

Thanks for taking the time to record a mix for our podcast series, was there any special concept behind your mix, or tracks played from your own releases?
I did plan this set out prior to the party it was for…. but threw that plan out the window before the gig and just played what felt nice for the time, fitting in remixes of my own music to sing.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?
The set was recorded at Miyagi’s birthday party at Miki Beach at Burning Man this year. My friend Bambi recorded his great set just before mine and was able to keep the recording going to capture my set on a Tascam DR-44WL.

How was it playing sets at Burning Man?
It’s a very friendly and warm environment at Burning Man… basically anyone doing anything artistic is fully supported by everyone around it/them. I had gone out there years ago but this was the first time I played and got involved in that capacity. It was a blast to be asked to play some gigs especially at the wonderful Miki Beach!

What stores or other places do you normally look for new music… is it all sourced online, or do you also pick up the odd bit of vinyl? 
No vinyl these days for me, I gather all of my music online.  Every month before my Polymorph radio show on Proton, I go through all of my promo emails and check out beatport and soundcloud.

Could you tell us a bit about your most memorable DJ experience? 
Here’s a great recent one.  I sometimes get a bit nervous when I sing my tracks live at gigs.  After finishing up my set at Miki  – which included live vocals –  a certain wonderful producer and deejay called Just Her lovingly punched me in the shoulder and whispered in my ear with a stern voice ‘Don’t you ever tell me your nervous to sing again!’ bahahhah <3

What other projects do you have lined up, do you have any new releases or forthcoming gigs we should be watching out for? 
I will have an EP on Lost Diaries, an EP on Polyptych, a with my friend Sam Jasperson on Motek, a remix for Talal on 1980 Recordings, a remix for Dinkis on Wout and a bunch of other collabs and fun stuff in the works. I’m also playing inTransit at TBA in Brooklyn Saturday night Sept 29 – you can get more info HERE.

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