Him Self Her - SK002LTD

Run by Gianmarco Silvetti and Natascia Parisella, Secret Keywords is one underground techno’s most reliable labels, with a back catalogue including fresh talent and established names such as Michal Jablonski, YYYY, and AWB.

With a dark and driving sound, the latest Secret Keywords release features one half of the label’s ownership Gianmarco Silvetti, who teams up with fellow Italian artist Dahraxt also known as Mannella.

For the A-side of the vinyl Gianmarco Silvetti and DAHRAXT each provide an alternative take on their track “Interstellar Cowboy”.

Gianmarco Silvetti keeps his mix rolling with eerie atmospherics and fast flowing percussion layered over an acid bassline. DAHRAXT opts for the more hypnotic approach, a churning remix that has pulsating synths and rattling percussion combined with the vocal chants used in both versions.

The first on the flip side of the EP is a solo track named “Shimmer Mist” by Giordanø that has fragmented synths layered with haunting atmospherics that give the track a ghostly aesthetic. Compelling and captivating, this unnerving track also has a remix from Conrad Van Orton who adds some grit with his contrasting rework that’s both aggressive and deep in places.

Each of these dark and industrial tracks would be perfectly suited to the Berghain dance floor, and with DJ support coming from the likes of Dax J, Blawan, and Etapp Kyle, it’s highly likely you might even hear something played there.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.