Him Self Her - Unders

In the ‘90s alternative rock band Morphine were a successful group touring the world and having tracks used in blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Get Shorty.

Morphine’s fame was in part down to the singing style of their frontman Mark Sandman better known to fans as Mr. Sandman, but in 1999 the band dispanded after the tragic onstage death of their lead singer at a festival in Italy.

The remaining band members reformed at the Vapours Of Morphine, and although they still have a cult following, many fans believe their best material was from the Mr. Sandman era.

Having influenced many others with their jazzy take on rock music their track “The Other Side” has been lovingly reworked by Dutch artist Unders who is a self-proclaimed super fan.

Unders comes from the world of electronic music and along with being a successful DJ has also produced tracks for labels including Sol Selectas, Sincopat, and Katermukke, along with his own Happy Camper Records.

Staying true to the original version of “The Other Side”, the remix from Unders loops up key sections of the track, which he has then rearranged into an extended seven minute remix. Using only a couple of filter sweeps and adding a kick drum sample, he has changed the genre into house music.

This remix originally started out as a bootleg made for Unders own personal use, but after its popularity grew the remaining members of Morphine approved this tastefully done version for an official release, and the track is now available via American label Sol Selectas which is a label run by Sabo.

You can pick up a copy from HERE