UNER’s label Solar Distance has provided us with many great releases, and here at Him Self Her we have been privileged to premiere a number of their tracks, but this one is perhaps the most special yet.

Raw District provide the latest release and of the three tracks, the first and last are melodic house with some nice percussive elements, but the one that really stood out to us is the rather spectacular “Morgon Promenad”.

People already familiar with Raw District and also Solar Distance could easily be forgiven for having expectations in terms of their trademark sounds, but without even a single bit of percussion this track is something quite unique, and certainly not what we expected.

There is definitely a subtle bit of the classic Detroit sound in the pads but it’s orchestral synth parts are very contemporary. Without having a single kick drum it even manages to have what I would describe as crowd pleasing drops if it was played in a club.

Whether it be classed as a DJ tool or electronica is down to the individual listener but for us it’s masterpiece piece of music that shows how intelligent house and techno can be.

It’s a long way from the Moon Harbour and Crosstown Rebels sound people might expect from Raw District, but fans of that sound should still appreciate this cut… fear not though if this isn’t one hundred percent your thing, as the other two tracks on the EP are exactly what regular fans would expect from the Belgian duo.

You can pick up a copy of the full release from HERE.

SOLAR028 - Raw District - Litaca EP