Dilek Records run by Franco Bianco is an eclectic label with a sound that matches its owners broad tastes showcased via his weekly radio show Argentina Electrónica, which is a leading source of new electronic music in his home country of Argentina.

The new release on Dilek Records is a debut from Biotech Patagonia who are a boyfriend/girlfriend couple consisting of Violeta Reynal and Constantino Vela. Also from Argentina, the duo combine the vocals and melodies of Violeta with the drum machines and studio skills of Constantino, and their complimentary skills deliver impressive results.

With warm analogue synths and stripped back percussion, their tracks have a rich sound full of texture, and a distinctive personality especially the with included vocals.

Also on the EP is a remix from Spanish artist UNER who has collaborated with Viviana Toscanini, and together they deliver an exquisite remix with an emotive piano part.

From the five track EP there is a one track in particular that caught our attention, as “Whispers” has a throbbing bassline with a minimal groove similar in style to the classic works of people like Stephan Bodzin and Mark Romboy.

You can pick up a copy of the EP from HERE

DLK014 - Biotech Patagonia - Natura EP