Claudio Ricci takes care of the seventh release on his own label Stripped Down, with stellar remixes from Tiefschwarz, Florian Busse and West & Hill.

We have the first play of the impressive remix by Tiefschwarz, the enduring German duo who have brought their own spin to tech house over the last 15 years. Their brilliant version brings the sort of edgy darkness to the track that you would expect of the vital veterans. It has a rising sense of tension from the lead synth and a cavernous feel that really draws you in.

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Artist: Claudio Ricci
Title: Enkiyama
Label: Stripped Down
Release: 26th July 2019
Cat No: STRD007


  1. Enkiyama (Original Mix)
  2. Enkiyama (Tiefschwarz Remix)
  3. Enkiyama (Florian Busse Remix)
  4. Enkiyama (West & Hill Remix)