BLR is about to drop an album on AFTR:HRS and the track “Carillon” from the release caught our attention as it reminded us of classic releases on James Holden’s label Border Community from people such as Nathan Fake or Fairmont.

With triplet rhythms, uplifting melody, swelling synths and plodding bass notes, it gives a nod to the hay day of minimal with the post progressive house influence, when in the mid ’00s there was a wave of experimental producers fusing ideas from different genres.

“Carillon” sounds like it could have been taken directly from the track list of James Holden’s classic “Fear Of A Silver Planet” mix compilations and we love the track so much for it, as it’s a sound that was arguably ahead of the curve to the point where it was perhaps forgotten before its time.

On a whole, the album by BLR covers a broad spectrum of styles touching on some big room sounds, but it also has some underground tracks that show the artists broad palette of influences.

You can soon pick up a copy of the track from HERE

ah058 - BLR - ODYSSEE