Him Self Her - Vanilla Ace

Vanilla Ace aka Sam Young is a stalwart of the UK’s house scene, playing venues such as Ministry Of Sound on a regular basis. He has also released tracks on labels including Bunny Tiger, Simma Black, Kittball, Nervous Records and his own imprint WyldCard.

Recently launching a new alias Sammy Deuce, he is also at the start of a US tour, so we caught up with him to chat about his new releases and other forthcoming projects…

> For the people reading this who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your style, and the key elements that define it?

Over the years the style has changed, at the beginning in 2012 it was deep house, nu disco, G-House and but over the last few years its defiantly more tech house and house music for the clubs. I’ve a soft spot for sampling obscure vocals and grooves into my music as well.

> Your most recent release is on Safe Music, could you tell us about the concept of the new EP?

 (This is incorrect, the Safe Music EP is remixes of my release with them from earlier this year). My latest release is ‘Lose My Mind’ with This Culture on my label WyldCard. That came about as they had a demo that they asked me to collaborate with them on. It’s the first big vocal record on my label so glad to see it doing well.

> Could you talk us through the creative process of putting a track together, and list any specific equipment used to bring your sound to life?

Usually it starts with a sample idea, could be a piece of music or a great vocal. I’d then start with the drums and then come up with the bass. I always find drums and bass the most important part of the track, if they sound good with the sample/vocal then your onto a winner. To add some organic elements I’ll use the mini moog or korg. I really don’t like all these tunes made from library’s that every producer has access to.

> How are things going with your label Wyldcard… how many releases have you put out so far, and which artists have you got tracks or remixes from?

WyldCard started early this year and its going really well. Every release has charted on Beatport and the DJ reactions are great. By the end of the year we will have had 15 releases already! I’ve had music from Worthy, Gettoblaster, Animist, LA Riots, Branzei, Doc Brown, Ordonez and Pinto (NYC). Got a lot lined up for next year as well.

> I understand you recently started a new alias called Sammy Deuce, how does that project differ from your Vanilla Ace style?

The mistake I made with Vanilla ACE early on was doing to many styles under one name, it confused people. So 3 years ago the Vanilla ACE sound changed to be strictly tech house/house music. But I still wanted to make other types of music so Sammy Deuce was created so I could utilise my love of disco, funk and soul and make jackin disco house, nu disco, soulful house etc. Its been going great with releases on Glasgow Underground, Nervous, Let There Be House, Good for You Records, Mood Funk etc.

> What’s coming up next in your schedule, do you have any exciting gigs or big releases in the pipeline?

I have the ‘Fattoush’ EP with Ayarez on Nov 22nd and the ‘Nightcap’ EP with RDJ and Mr Fitz on Nov 29th both on my label exclusive to Beatport. And in December I have releases on Audio Rehab and Undr Tha Radr. At the end of November into December I embark on a 5 date US tour, doing shows with Worthy, Scotty Boy and LA Riots.

> Could you give some advice or words of wisdom to any aspiring producers who might look to your music for inspiration?

Be original and don’t copy whats ‘hot’! Its important to create your own sound.

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, we like to finish our interviews with a couple of questions that are a little bit light hearted… without getting to personal, could you tell us something many don’t know about you?

I’ve been DJing for over 20 years all over the world. I’ve DJ’d massive private events such as George Clooney’s wedding in 2014 and more recently Idris Elba’s wedding this year! I’m a great multi genre DJ haha. It’s important to have variety in life.

> You don’t need to mention names, but what’s the most “outrageous” thing you have ever seen happen in a club… was it something outrageously brilliant, like a blindfolded DJ mixing seamlessly and scratching with their elbows, or something outrageously cringe-worthy, like some embarrassing drunk person urinating on the dancefloor?

Once I was DJing in Cape Town, South Africa at this club that was on the main road by the beach. As the night was wrapping up I could see a couple on my left having full on sex on the outside patio! They were so drunk they had no idea the lights were on and everyone could see.

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, is there anything extra you want to add before we wrap up the conversation?

US tour dates – 

27th Nov – Ora, Seattle with Scotty Boy

29th Nov – London Sacramento with Worthy

30th Nov – Effex, Albuquerque with Worthy

5th Dec – Voodoo Room, Austin with LA Riots

6th Dec – Bar Standard, Denver with Worthy

7th Dec – Sam Young Hip Hop & R&B classics set at On The Record, Las Vegas