Him Self Her - UMEK

UMEK is one of Europe’s most accomplished techno artists. Not only has he been instrumental in the scene of his home country Slovenia, he has also made a huge impact on the global techno community.

With many iconic tracks he is known to older generation for anthems such as “Gatex”, but in the last few years he has reinvigorated his fan base to include many from today’s youth culture.

The resurgence in techno has given rise to many of the genre’s veterans getting rediscovered, and although UMEK had always been at the top of his game, it does seem like he is reaching new heights with his current success.

2019 saw the relaunch of 1605 which has been on pause for a couple of years, but that pause had only seemed to make the label stronger, as returning with tracks like “Vibrancy” it’s already found chart success.

It’s been a huge year for UMEK who has consistently topped sales charts with each new release also featured on the likes of Tronic and Filth on Acid.

Bringing the year to a close in style, UMEK has revisited a track by Quench called “Dreams” that is a long-forgotten gem probably unknown to many of today’s younger generation.

With trancey elements such as a euphoric lead synth, it also has ominous bells and creepy vocals that give it a techno vibe. Bringing out the techno elements of the original, this rework has a hard sound that fully embodies everything UMEK stands for.

You can order a copy now from HERE