Reset Robot is one of the UK’s most consistent artists whose style spans in to the world’s of both house and techno. His new release is a six track EP on his own label Whistleblower Records.

Known for having a techy style with stripped back grooves and crisp sound design, Reset Robot tracks can be found on techno labels like Hotflush and Drumcode, but also on house focused imprints like Mobilee Records and Sasha’s Last Night On Earth.

Most recently, Reset Robot’s outlet has been focused more towards the techno side of his style, and his new release is another great example of this, as the tracks range from deeper cuts like “What Are These?” through to more brutal tracks like “Umpf”.

In full, the six tracks play like a mini album, but each is also a DJ tool perfectly suited to the dance floor. Of all the tracks on the release, “Strange Atomic Concept” is the one that caught our attention most, as its slow building tension and brooding atmosphere really do work a treat.

Strange Atomic Concept has a dystopian feel with bleeping melodies, swelling pads and grinding bass textures. Master crafted with clinical precision, it’s a trippy soundscape underpinned by mechanical rhythms tailored for a club environment.

You can pre-order a copy of the EP titled “Atomic Concept” from …HERE…

Reset Robot