Karim Alkhayat is a Syrian artist who has been making waves as a fresh new talent ready to leave his mark on the world’s techno scene, and his latest release is out on Deep Therapy.

Deep Therapy previously featured a release from Karim Alkhayat that had tracks made in collaboration with Mesbah AL Sakka and Danny Wabbit. This latest one has him showing off his solo skills with two new tracks called “The Last Trip” and “System Error”.

Both of the tracks deliver his production prowess, blending mighty synth lines and hard-hitting percussion to create dynamic tracks that erupt with powerful force and swells like a tidal wave.

Other labels to feature tracks and remixes by Karim Alkhayat include Codex, Say What?, Reload, Orange Recordings and Reload. He also recently announced that he has become a part of Spartaque’s IAMT group, which shows the recognition he is already receiving from some of techno’s genre leaders.

The YellowHeads and Sam WOLFE also add their stamp to this release with remixes that really elevate the already impressive tracks.

The Last Trip is a really strong track with tearing synths that play an interesting call and response melody while joined by acid stabs and some monstrous percussion. System Error has a lot of the same elements but is a lot more percussion focused until the main breakdown, where the lead synth really takes control with a trippy, spinning effect.

Each of the remixes is also a masterclass in music production, with The YellowHeads delivering a darker and harder version of The Last Trip. Sam WOLFE adds an extra lead synth to System Error that really transforms the mood and vibe of the track into something a lot more euphoric.

You can pick up a copy of the track from HERE