TrueColors is an American record label run by Timujin who features music on its latest release.

Timujin and TrueColors are known for their atmospheric style of deep house music, and the record label’s latest release is a four-track EP that’s true to form.

Each of the four tracks is from a different artist, and it opens with a track by Bartella who is an up-and-coming producer from the UK. His track “Whoever Knows” is the first time he has featured on TrueColors, and it’s an impressive label debut that mixes dramatic percussion and powerful vocals.

Second on the release, is a track by Inámo who has frequented TrueColors with numerous tracks on previous releases by the imprint.  ‘La Llama’ has swelling synths and tribal percussion combined with a hypnotic synth line.

Track three comes from France’s Raw Main who is well known for his work on other influential record labels including Lost Miracle, Abracadabra Music and Bar 25. His track ‘Touareg’ builds suspense with moody pads before the introduction of a Spanish guitar in the first breakdown section.

The last of the four tracks is Timujin’s “Emotional Blush” which has a very trippy extended intro that would make it the perfect set opener. Its psychedelic vibe and immersive atmosphere it truly captivating from start to finish.

You can buy a copy HERE.