Concrete Series Vol. 1 is the latest release and first VA from the Italian label that features an avalanche of European production talent including Luigi Tozzi, Dino Sabatini, Sub Accent, plus Giorgio Gigli and Lunatik creating the sole collaboration on the release.

The A-side of the vinyl starts with Luigi Tozzi who has released on labels like Delsin, Hypnus and Dynamic Reflection, alongside Dino Sabatini who is known for running Outis Music as well as his works on the superb Stroboscopic Artefacts run by Lucy, Prologue and Adam X’ Sonic Groove.

The second half includes a track by Sub Accent from France with appearances on Tsunami and Noorden and Rome-based Giorgio Gigli known for Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe and Planet Rhythm collaborating with Lunatik of Suburban Avenue and DRVMS LTD.

Luigi Tozzi harnesses a palette of hypnotic adventure with dreamy textures and rising tension in “Ghost Lake” as it glides the analogue airwaves. “Baubaus” by Dino Sabatini has a bleeping modular style with a relaxed dub-fuelled desire which is full of details and engaging tweaks. Sub Accent’s “System Privacy” is a cavernous, echoing sound resulting in an esoteric, haunting creation that uses touches of tribal influence with some occasional modular sparks. Closing the release with “Concrete 1” from the collaborating Giorgio Gigli and Lunatik who opt for heavy analogue modulation and crashing percussion creating

All in all, it’s refreshing to see such a fantastic array of artists in one place providing a high calibre of contemporary techno for those who like to dive a little deeper.

You can pick up a copy HERE.