Alex Twin & Paul Svenson

Alex Twin and Paul Svenson are Dubai-based melodic house artists whose new two-track release is out now on Jacob Groening’s Kamai Music.

It’s the first time the guys have been featured on Kamai Music, but both come with an impressive back catalogue. Alex Twin has featured music on the likes of Bar 25 Music, Pipe & Pochet and All Day I Dream.

Paul Svenson is the lesser-known of the two producers, but he still boasts solo releases on labels including Idyllik Records and Love Matters.

Love Matters has also been a platform that released Alex Twin and Paul Svenson’s music the last time they worked together, and this is the follow-up to that release.

First up is the EP’s title track “Decode” which after a tenson-building intro launches into an indie dance groove with dramatic percussion and a chugging bassline. The pads sweep across the back of the track until the introduction of the melody and mesmerising vocal sample. It’s not clear what the vocal says, but its presence adds an extra layer of suspense.

Joined Hands” is the second of the two tracks and it’s an altogether different beast, as it’s a lot more melodic with less of a moody atmosphere. Focusing more on melody and creating an immersive dancefloor experience it’s got a stripped-back groove orientating mainly around the lead synth, but it’s also got organic percussion that adds to the builds of momentum.

Something a little different in terms of the usual organic house style that Kamai Music usually releases, but it’s a very accomplished release that showcases Jacob Groening’s varied taste in music.

You can buy a copy HERE.