Sol Selectas drop an Afro house EP from Greek artist Da Mike who has already showcased himself on an impressive roster of record labels.

Prior to his Sol Selectas debut, Da Mike had featured his music on the likes of Saved Records, MoBlack Records, Nite Grooves and Rise Music. He dropped his first release in 20170 and since then seems to have focused on quality rather than quantity.

Averaging only a couple of new releases each year, his new EP on Sol Selectas shows his attention to detail, as he finds the perfect sweet spot between tribal percussion and melodic synths.

East of the Sun” opens the release with its shaking percussion and deep synth stabs that lead to a breakdown filled with sitars and other mystical sounds. Worthy of its title, the track has a sun-drenched vibe that makes use of many different audio textures as it twists and turns through a journey of enlightened discovery.

Closing out the release is “West of the Moon” and it’s a track that uses drawn-out synth cords to build suspense while stabbing synths shake up the flow with their uplifting dramatics. Haunting vocal textures ensure an epic atmosphere under which the tribal percussion provides the energy.

Available now, you can buy a copy HERE.