Kerem Genc is an up-and-coming Turkish artist who has been making waves in the organic house scene since dropping his debut release in 2021. He has only put out a handful of releases, but each of them is a masterful blend of live instrumentation, sequenced beats and electronic sounds.

Starting the new year in style, Kerem Genc is back on the Baikal Nomads record label that has been a regular outlet for his music. Back on the label for the fourth time, this four-track EP also includes remixes from Regndans and Fletcher Monsoon who have both featured on previous Baikal Nomads releases.

Regndans is a Swedish artist from Malmö who has also featured on Shango Records, MONADA and House Music With Love. Fletcher Monsoon is a duo of Israeli artists from Tel-Aviv who have worked with other influential record labels including Cafe De Anatolia.

First on the release is the moody atmosphere of “On My Own” which revolves around a rock-influenced male vocal that sings about finding the confidence to be on your own. It’s augmented by pulsating synths and trippy atmospherics that add to its dancefloor-focused energy.

Regndans version of On My Own is a spectacular rework that’s true to the original’s vibe and mood while also adding some additional synth parts and a sitar section to leave his stamp on things.

Next up, “Aurora” has a rubbery bassline and deep atmospherics combined with upbeat percussion rhythms and a haunting trombone sample that defines the track.

Closing out the EP, Fletcher Monsoon’s rework adds a vocal sample and replaces the trombone with a trumpet sample that transforms the mood of the track by making it much more cheerful.

You can buy a copy from HERE.