Alexi DelanoAlexi Delano is a veteran techno producer and DJ who since the ‘90s, has been releasing techno of all varieties. His latest release is a three-track EP on Suleiman which is a Canadian record label that has previously featured music from Cesare vs Disorder and Philipp Ort.

Suleiman’s releases usually orientate around deep tech, but this latest EP by Alexi Delano is a little more techno focused with looped rhythms and tough percussion, but it still has the deep and immersive atmosphere that is standard to the label.

No Show” is the first of the EP’s three tracks and it’s a mesmerising track with experimental sounds and a gritty aesthetic. The title track “Secret Drones” is up next and it’s got explosive claps fused with the rising tones of muted pads and vocal stabs that add to its hypnotising groove. “Work” is last of the EP’s tracks, and it orientates around a live percussion loop that’s augmented with fizzing ride cymbals and the jacking energy of the namesake vocal sample.

Suleiman is fast becoming one of the most consistent labels out there and this is another solid release that will no doubt be heard on dance floors across the globe.

You can pick up a copy HERE.