Sabo’s record label Sol Selectas welcomes the return of Yamil who is a Spanish artist that is fast becoming a regular feature of the highly respected organic house imprint.

Last time Yamil featured on Sol Selectas, it was an EP made in collaboration with German Brigante, but this time he returns as a solo producer. His three stunning original tracks are also joined by a plethora of remixes including versions by Xinobi, Angelos, and Derun.

The release ranges in style between organic house and Afro house, and it’s got the powerful drum rhythms and mesmerising synth lines that often define the Sol Selectas sound.

Xinobi and Angelos are both highly respected Afro house artists who are making their debut on Sol Selectas, but Turkish duo Derun have featured numerous times on the imprint.

La Flor Colorada” is the EP’s title track, and it opens the release with upbeat percussion rhythms and shimmering pads that are joined by harmonised vocals. Next up, “Naidi” is an intricate fusion of bass and sensual vocals, and Xinobi lifts the energy with his up-tempo Afro house remix of Naidi.

Last of the three originals, “Sanctuary” changes the pace with a downtempo groove that’s powered by the free-flowing rhythms of live percussion, and the building tension of the melody synth that builds towards the introduction of a mystical flute. Angelos and Derun both remix Sanctuary, Angelos creating an upbeat Afro house version, and Derun opting to go down a more melodic path.

Overall, it’s a great release that has lots of variety and something for anyone who is a fan of the organic house or Afro house genres.

Get a copy HERE.