Hemissi, the French maverick, brings his idiosyncratic vision to the forefront with Reminder of Life, a vinyl-only expedition released under the enigmatic Concrete Records banner. This six-track journey is a testament to Hemissi’s knack for crafting off-kilter techno gems and interesting production skills.

Concrete Records, a stalwart in the Italian techno scene hailing from Rome, boasts an impressive roster including established artists like Voices From the Lake, Minilogue, and Svreca. The newest EP on Concrete Records continues to push the boundaries of underground electronic music once again.

Hemissi’s reputation precedes him, with standout releases on esteemed labels such as Jeff Mills’ Axis, Slam’s Soma, and Ben Sims’ Symbolism. Now, with ‘Reminder of Life,” he solidifies his position as a purveyor of raw, hypnotic excellence.

The EP kicks off with “Reminder,” its quirky tones and tribal percussion serving as the perfect warm-up for the auditory adventure ahead. “Thunder Slap” follows suit, introducing a more underground vibe with spaced-out tension. “Screw” ventures even more into sci-fi territory, with bleeping tones and atmospheric layers creating an otherworldly landscape. “Back Fire” opts for an abstract approach, intertwining rolling notes with metallic touches for a multi-dimensional experience. “Ostralopitek” delves into outlandish territories, with detuned strings and throbbing basslines adding an unpredictable edge. Finally, “Virtues” rounds off the EP with swirling hypnotic elements over a jackin’ groove, offering a heady conclusion to this sonic journey.

In conclusion, the six-track collection shows Hemissi’s natural ability to deliver dance floor cuts with an eclectic EP that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the discerning listener.

You can buy the music HERE.