Set up earlier in the year by the team behind the Data Transmission website, Shanghaied is a new label with a focus towards House music.

Full of party vibes and up-tempo grooves, the labels back catalogue has already included original tracks from heavyweight artists such as Toyboy & Robin.

Shanghaied is finishing off 2017 with a ten track compilation titled Let’s Get Shanghaied! Volume 1.0, which features a selection of artists including Jerome Withers, Myles James, Wobble&BlackArt, Shuski, Waitz, Ben Sterling, Drew Moreland & Pat Hickey, Fancy Inc, San Schwartz, Maxine Garman and S.M.I.T.H

The compilation gives a snap shot at what the label has planned for 2018, and we were particularly impressed by S.M.I.T.H‘s track “Drop In This“.

S.M.I.T.H. is the chief of DOMUS Music and his thick set track with a chopped up vocal and jacking groove is something we have been lucky enough to premiere.

The release will soon be available from HERE

SH016 - Various Artists - Let's Get Shanghaied Volume 1.0