Him Self Her - BEC

BEC aka Rebecca Godfrey is an artist many associate with Pan-Pot‘s label Second State as much of her music was released via the imprint.

A young artist, BEC has already been named as one of Underground Electronic Music’s leading ladies by Pulse Magazine, who listed her alongside icons such as Helena Hauff, Paula Temple and Rebekah.

Having been a feature of five Second State releases (three of which were solo EP’s), Hydrozoa was until recently the only other label to release BEC’s music.

Released on the 22nd of December, BEC’s new EP titled Forward Motion on Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s label Intec.

The two tracks on the release titled simply “Forward” and “Motion” are both understated, with a chic sound based around subtle changes that build in suspense and have a brooding tension. Rich in melody, the loopy groove of each track adds to the dark atmosphere of these deep techno masterpieces.

You can purchase the release HERE.