Him Self Her - Point Sole

Based in the Spanish city of Alicante is Metro Dance, and linked to the venue is its label Metro Dance Records, which new release is a three track EP from Point Sole that also features a remix from Norman Weber.

Norman Weber many will know best for being one half of Luna City Express who have been a main feature of labels such as Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour. Point Sole also comes with a proven peregrine following releases on imprints such as Suara and Sincopat.

The title track on the EP “Space Odissey” is rich with claps and has a slightly Sci-Fi influence with textured and galactic synths, together with a muffled female vocal that sounds like it’s coming from a distance radio transmission.

Adding some delicate keys and some additional atmospherics plus a new bassline, Norman Weber’s remix is a nice alternative version of “Space Odissey” that’s both eloquent and energetic.

Second of the two tracks from Point Sole is “Don’t Touch That Hole“, and from the get-go it takes no time to lay down it’s up-tempo manifesto, which with the help of a slightly creepy vocal and a rubbery bassline, has a very distinctive sound.

For us Space Odissey is what drew us to the release, but Don’t Touch The Hole will no doubt be something of a secret weapon for many, and if you want to find out more you can get the release now from HERE.