New on Replug Records is a release from label boss Cid Inc., who’s a Swedish artist known for his deep and melodic sound fusing emotional pads with dancefloor focused grooves.

With previous releases on Sudbeat Music, microCastle and Selador, Cid Inc comes with a proven musical pedigree and the two tracks on his latest EP are further proof of his exceptional production skills.

Captivating with eloquent textures that flow into a euphoric tapestry that engulfs the senses, the EP’s second track “From Within” is a joy to all who listen, and we have been lucky enough to present an exclusive first play.

Even if melodic genres aren’t your first choice when it comes to electronic music, there is something mesmerising about this release and it’s hard not to be spellbound by its charms.

For those who are looking to pick up a copy of the release the tracks are available on pre-order from HERE.

RPLG055 - Cid Inc. - Abyss