BABICZSTYLE is a record label headed up by Robert Babicz that exclusively releases tracks by Robert himself, and the latest EP is a four tracker titled the “Presence of Hope EP“.

Robert Babicz is a household name to fans of melodic electronic music, having released anthemic classics on a number of labels including Traum, Bedrock and Systematic.

All of the tracks on his new EP are of an outstanding quality with each one focusing on different moods and textures of sound.

From the release we were particularly impressed with the stripped back style of “The Future In Retro” and have been lucky enough to provide an exclusive first play of the track.

With a growling bassline and shuffling rhythms, the dark atmosphere of the track has a slow building tension that unfolds with an understated eloquence.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.

BS21 - Robert Babicz - Presence of Hope EP