Him Self Her - Markantonio

AnalyticTrail has for years been a label with a solid reputation built up around the profile of its founder Markantonio.

Not only has it become the main outlet for its owner’s music it’s also featured other artists both new and old often with a natural preference for artists with Italian origins, as Markantonio is one of the country’s best known techno artists.

Markantonio has often been known to collaborate in the studio and has made tracks with people including Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Rino Cerrone and Roberto Capuano. His last release was in collaboration with Atroxx, and his latest EP is a joint effort with Lerio Corrado.

Lerio Corrado has also worked with Markantonio for a track that in June was put out on Pan-Pot’s Second State as part of a various artist release.

Featuring three original tracks, the EP made between Markantonio and Lerio Corrado has a club friendly sound with moody tension at its core. Each of the tracks is unmistakably techno with a boisterous sound rich with intensity.

Existing fans will no doubt be satisfied with this latest AnalyticTrail release, which is available now from HERE.