Frankyeffe has an up-tempo style dedicated exclusively to techno, and based in Italy he has been invited to perform at clubs and festivals all across Europe.

Quickly establishing himself as a popular DJ in his home city of Rome it wasn’t long before he started to produce his own tracks and knowing how to please a dance floor, was able to translate his knowledge into his own tracks.

After his tracks picked up support from tastemakers such as Len Faki, Umek, Richie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer, his international fan base started to grow, and he has now released on labels including Phobiq, Kraftek, AnalyticTrail, ELEVATE, Tronic, and Octopus.

Proving himself as a hotly tipped talent lead to high a number of prolific collaborations with the likes of Enrico Sangiuliano, Mauro Picotto, Loco & Jam, and most recently Hollen.

The release with Hollen titled “Double Impact” is out now via Prospect Records and this podcast recorded exclusively for Him Self Her opens with the original track from that release which for those interested can be purchased from HERE.

1. Hollen, Frankyeffe – Double Impact [Prospect Records]
2. Jspr – Transvection [Elevate]
3. Weska – Stellar Tidal Disruption [Filth On Acid]
4. Konrad – Take me [Misfit]
5. Danny Fontana, Lowshape – Space
6. B-Traits – People’s Nation
7. Bolster – Decompression [Riot]
8. Camea – Naf 97
9. Pleasurekraft – Primordial [Kraftek]
10. Frankyeffe – Apocalypse [Kraftek]
11. Reform – Unconventional Spaces (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Etruria]
12. Umek – Hell Archetypes [Filth On Acid]
13. Tiger Stripes – Insane [Drumcode]
14. Don Weber – Wanderlust [Riot]
15. Edone – Firm (Frankyeffe Remix) [Riot]
16. The Advent – High Horse [Ostgut Ton]
17. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruzi – Wonder [Electric BallRoom]
18. Frankyeffe – Genesis [Kraftek]

Him Self Her - Frankyeffe