Italian artist Alex Dolby has for years been gaining respect amongst the world’s techno elite with his tracks picking up DJ support from the likes of Ben Sims, Dax J, Marcel Dettmann, and Charlotte de Witte.

Along with contributing to labels such as ARTS and Intacto, much of his music has been released via his own Affekt Recordings.

The most recent release on Affekt Recordings is Alex Dolby’s fourth album release featuring ten tracks that cover a full spectrum of techno and its sub-genres.

Each of the tracks has their own mood with some being more ambient, and others based more on percussion and the raw energy needed for a dance floor.

One of the cuts is called “Standard Process”, and here at Him Self Her we have been honoured with an exclusive premiere of the track.

Standard Process has shimmering synths that ripple and flicker over a rigid framework of drums with fast flowing hi-hats and a solid kick drum for a foundation.

You soon can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.

AFK043 - Alex Dolby - Fault System