Carl Cox is getting ready for the summer with the new release on his label Intec, which is in the tribal techno style the label has previously showcased with classic tracks such as the anthemic classic “Sunshine” by Tomaz vs Filterheadz.

Carl Bee is the producer behind the new release and the title track “Rumble” is all about carnival style percussion. The explosive snare hits and flowing rhythms of the percussion are what provides the energy, but its personality comes from the rubbery LFO synth that dominates the tracks breakdowns.

With enough warmth to start a heat wave, this track is packed with party-starting vibes and we are honoured to be presenting the world with this exclusive first play.

Intec last released an EP from Carl Bee in 2018 and has also featured on Saved Records plus Stereo Productions we are excited to hear more from this exciting producer.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE

ID174 - Carl Bee - Rumble EP