Canadian artist Jay Tripwire is a veteran artist known for his stripped back style of house music with strong techy elements. He is also a successful DJ that has over twenty years of experience playing gigs in over two hundred cites worldwide.

Akbal Music, Poker Flat, Bass Culture Records and 1trax are all labels to have featured original tracks from Jay Tripwire, but he is also known as a popular remix artist with his latest remix soon to drop on Suleiman Records.

Suleiman Records is run by Darem Aissa who is also the artist behind the new release with a solo track titled “Ylang Ylang” remixed by Dave Aju along with Jay Tripwire.

Jay Tripwire’s rework is distinctly different from the original swapping the light and breezy vibe for a shadowy mood led by a slow throbbing synth line with building intensity.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.

SAVED18SUL006 - Darem Aissa - Ylang Ylang