Him Self Her - G-Flame

Davide Squillace continues to impress us with yet another top-quality release from his label This And That Lab. Often labels get caught in a trap of sticking to a narrow sub-genre, but This And That has an eclectic output that covers the full spectrum of house music, and no matter the style, is always on point.

The latest to come from the label is a release by G-Flame also featuring a remix by Riva Starr to complete the two track package. G-Flame at first glance could be mistaken for a producer who is breaking into the industry, but it’s actually techno legend The Advent working under his other pseudonym.

The Advent has featured on some of the best known techno labels including Tresor, H-Productions and Drumcode. Working as G-Flame he usually makes house tracks and keeps it equally as refined with Davide Squillace’s This And That being one such example.

As an artist who comes from the world of techno, the original cut “Heaven” is centred around a loopy groove with busy off-beat percussion adding a joyful pizzazz to how it moves. The techy bedrock then builds up with the charismatic vocal, which leads from the front to inspire and fill the room with warm spirited joy.

Not to be outshone is Riva Starr who himself is someone who is no stranger to success heading up the highly coveted Snatch! Records. He has also made noteworthy releases on many high flying labels like Hot Creations, Dirtybird, Strictly Rhythm and Cajual.

Riva Starr takes his remix a little deeper and leaving the vocals intact, also keeps much of the percussion used to form the original, but makes subtle changes to gently blend things towards his own style of beefy house music. Made with big room plays in mind, his version has a prominent bassline designed to get people stomping round the dance floor, and it’s a great remix that will no doubt do the mainstage festival rounds this summer.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.