American based Inmotion Music is a label with an eclectic roster of talent including the likes of Carlo Lio, Avision, ONNO, Sable Sheep and Clio.

Covering a full spectrum of house with the occasional touch of techno, the label’s new release is stripped back with ambient textures and shuffling percussion.

LaRosa is the artist behind the release and he provides two original tracks “All Business” and “Recluse” which each centre around a similar theme.

Alongside the two originals are also remixes by Alexkid and NTFO both putting their own stamp on one of the original tracks, but our personal preference was the original mix of “All Business”.

Prior to this release LaRosa had also featured on other labels including Sharam’s Yoshitoshi, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this talented producer.

“All Business” has a two-step shuffle to its groove with snare rolls and trippy vocals adding to the textured hypnotics.

You can pickup a copy of the release from HERE

INM094 - LaRosa - All Business EP