Joe Brunning is a former DMC scratch championship winner turned techno DJ who has released on Bush Records, Stereo Productions and KMS Records run by the iconic Kevin Saunderson.

Another iconic artist to have supported his tracks is Carl Cox who released Joe Brunning’s album on Intec in 2015, and four years later the next release on Intec is a much anticipated follow up.

A blast from the past, Joe Brunning’s new release takes influence from the looped style of ‘90s and early ‘00s techno, built around samples taken from percussion heavy tracks from around the world.

Carnival style tracks are a common source for the samples used in this style of techno production along with tracks linked to Latino culture, due to them often having an upbeat style with vibrant use of percussion.

The two tracks on Joe Brunning’s new release both have a Latino vibe with chanting vocals, trumpets and fast flowing rhythms all adding to the party vibe.

Here we have the honour of presenting this premiere of “Funky Fiesta” which taken from the release has a looped guitar and shuffling percussion fill the track with warm summery vibes.

You can pick up a copy of the track from HERE

ID186 - Joe Brunning - The Shakedown EP