DYSART is a London based artist who has been picking up a steady momentum with a dark and industrial style of techno that he has been showcasing on labels like Dense & Pika’s highly acclaimed Kneaded Pains.

Dense & Pika might have been one of the first to pick up on the talents of DYSART, but Carl Cox has been one of the others who have given support to his exceptional talent.

Carl Cox released an EP from DYSART in 2018 on his label Intec and in July of 2019 put out the much anticipated follow up which was equally well-received, to the point where only a few months later DYSART is back on Intec.

Releasing his second EP on Intec in the space of only a few months, DYSART’s new release titled “Into You” is a fantastic two-tracker with looming atmosphere and building tension designed to cause destruction on the dance floor.

We have been lucky enough to have an exclusive first play of the title track “Into You” which hits like a truck and has the momentum of a freight train.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE

ID189 - DYSART - Into You