Him Self Her - ID195 - Various - Diverse EP

Intec closes off 2019 with a release titled the Diverse EP and is a name perfectly describing the broad selection of artists who feature tracks upon it.

With a combination of those from the label’s back catalogue, and a couple of people making their Intec debut, each of the artists is an up and coming talent.

Some of these talents are young artists who have been bubbling away under the surface waiting to hit boiling point, and others are veterans long overdue the notoriety their music deserves.

Each of the artists who feature on this release have previously contributed to other high-flying labels, and collectively it might be easier to list the scene leading labels not to feature their exceptional music.

uhnknwn leads the charge with his track “Phantom” and others to feature tracks include Gaston Zani, Ferhat Albayrak & Riza Gobelez, Chris Count as well as Jonno & Gibson.

Focusing on moody atmospheres and explosive percussion this release showcases the darker side of Intec, except for the last track “The 14U” by Chris Count, which brings the funk.

You can order a copy now from HERE