Quenum is an artist who has a legacy that stretches beyond making music or being a DJ, as behind the scenes he has played a vital role in setting up labels such as Cadenza.

Cadenza is best known as being a label run by Luciano, but it’s actually a collaborative project run in collaboration with Quenum. Anyone who is familiar with Cadenza will know its percussion led minimal style, and that stripped-back sound can also be heard in the labels owner’s music.

Focusing more on synth sounds and quirky sound design, Quenum’s own tracks aren’t necessarily percussion focused, but they are stripped back with a style some might describe as minimal.

Along with being a label founder, Quenum has also released on Cocoon, Get Physical and Crosstown Rebels. Most recently he dropped a three-track EP on Davide Squillace’s label This And That Lab titled the “We Are Together EP”, and it’s a fantastic release that really stands out from the crowd.

The title cut “We Are Together” instantly grabs you with its ominous bassline that descends into the darkness to create a sinister atmosphere, that’s joined by a contrasting vocal that has gospel characteristics.

Working some nice contrast into the release, the second track “Like A River” has a shimmering aesthetic with poetic vocals and ethereal elements that give it a light and uplifting mood.

“Never Take The Easy Way” closes out the EP with a melodic cut that blends the staccato rhythms of stabbing synths with atmospheric effects to create an epic track that’s both stylish and raw.

You can pick up a copy from HERE