Slovenian techno label 1605 has collected a selection of tracks from four techno artists making waves. Each of the tracks have been chosen by label boss UMEK who has an ear for hit records having recently had a string of No.1 selling tracks on download websites such as Beatport.

Opening the release is Lazar (IT) whose track “Face To Face” is a perfect example of the modern big room techno sound, which has been dominating dance floors across the world thanks to labels like Drumcode, as many would argue Adam Beyer’s label has pathed the way for the genres current success.

Face To Face is a bass heavy cut with a euphoric breakdown that reveals the building tension before the percussion slams back in to deliver the knock out punch. Although the core idea of this track is nothing new, as it follows the formula that’s become something of a template for this style… it must be said the production standard is way above the average, and that is what makes it stand head and shoulders above the crowd!

Talking about standardised templates for genres makes me want to skip to the last track on this EP before giving mention to the others, as for me it’s the contribution from Heerhorst that really stands out on this EP, as he certainly didn’t follow a template with his exceptionally brilliant “Passages”.

At first glance it seems Passages is going to be another run of the mill track that had an uplifting melody blended with some hard percussion that leads to a formulaic breakdown, but that’s what he wants you to think as he lures you into his trap, because when he unexpectedly introduces the gargantuan bassline it will make your spine tingle! Passages is excellent, and for me it’s definitely the standout cut on the track on this all-round solid release.

Not to forget the other two tracks, it’s quite possibly The Reactivitz that will draw many people towards the release for a first listen, as the French artist is probably the best known of the four producers having also released on labels like Intec, Filth On Acid, Suara and Octopus.

The Reactivitz’s track “Parallel Universe” is everything you would expect from a man of his talents and he delivers the goods with a mix of eerie vocals and haunting synths.

Julien Earle completes the artists on the EP with an epic track called “Galactus” that suits the cosmic synth lines of his expansive track that has something of a sci-fi feel to it. For those who don’t already know, Julien Earle is also a YouTube vlogger known for his production tips and tutorial videos, and if you want to know more about his track then I’d recommend watching the below video….

Overall a very good release from UMEK’s label 1605 that will no doubt please fans of the imprint and keep them in anticipation for more to come. Heerhorst’s track is definitely my personal favourite, but all of them certainly have a place on the dance floor and would be perfect for the peak time set of any DJ.

You can pick up a copy from HERE