Deep Therapy is a techno label run out of Canada and it’s one of those exciting projects that’s already nipping at the heels of the more established brands that dominate sales charts on music websites like Beatport.

Often the labels releases hunt out the best music from emerging talent, but it also features headlining remix artists like Steve Muldera and Matt Sassari, with the duo Loco & Jam reworking a track on their latest offering.

One of the up and coming artists that has been pivotal to Deep Therapy is StoKed whose previous release on the label charted inside Beatport’s Top 100 Techno Tracks.

StoKed is now back for his second EP and the two original tracks “Deeper Passion” and “The People” are both cuts of peak time techno made in his usual style that can also be heard on other labels including Orange Recordings, Funk’n Deep and Dolma.

The original mix of “Deeper Passion” is the main highlight of the release with an incredible energy that transcends the different sections of the track. The gift that keeps on giving, it starts out with a stabbing acid hook that is augmented further with an ominous melody part. In the breakdown it adds an arpeggiator for a touch of euphoria, and the namesake vocal is yet another defining element. Expertly structured to stop all the parts clashing, it is an extremely well put together track. 

Loco & Jam’s remix of Deeper Passion is also a very solid version with a little less personality in comparison to the boisterous original, but they make up for that with oodles of functionality, as their streamlined remix focuses on the core elements needed to rock a dance floor.

Closing out the release is the second original “The People” which steadily builds towards the breakdown where it takes flight. Unleashing its payload, it introduces a rather magnificent lead synth that is both haunting and exhilaratingly intense. Combined with the explosive kick drum and other bass frequency elements, it’s a great way to close out the release.

You can pick up a copy from …HERE…