Anyone old enough to remember clubbing in 2007 will most likely remember when minimal ruled dance floors, and artists like M.A.N.D.Y were at their peak.

Minimal might not have the popularity it did a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean the genre doesn’t have it’s anthemic classics, and Dusty Kids’ track “Kore” would certainly fall under that header.

Lucky for today’s younger generation of clubbers, the iconic synth line of Kore has been reworked into a selection of techno remixes that have been released on the Cosmic Boys’ label Legend.

Unfortunately, the original doesn’t feature on the EP, but the Cosmic Boys have themselves provided a 2021 remix alongside Alex Stein, Frank Deka and Nure.

We won’t go into detail explaining each individual remix, because at their core they all touch on a similar idea of toughening up the percussion, raising the tempo and revitalising the original’s distinctive melodies

Each remix of course is totally individual to hear, and each has its own charm, so it’s one of those releases where you need to hear it to pick up on what makes each version so special.

Cosmic Boys version is the rawest and has a lot of changing sections that keep it engaging, while Alex Stein goes for a darker and more atmospheric approach. Nure adds her own breakdown that ramps up the tension, and Frank Deka is the one who stays most true to the originals.

All the versions on this release fully embrace the excitement and slender of the original while not being afraid to change the key elements needed to bend the genre from minimal to techno.

A great piece of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the original, but also four brilliant versions for anyone who is hearing Kore for the first time.

You can pick up a copy from …HERE…