Laroz also known as Laroz Camel Rider, is an organic house artist whose eloquent sound has been featured on labels ranging from Diynamic to Souq Records plus his own imprint Camel Riders.

In addition to his tracks and remixes, he is also a talented DJ who travels the world to play club events and festivals. Enchanting the dance floor with his enrapturing sound, he can captivate a room full of people with his magical style.

Most recently, Laroz dropped an EP on Sabo’s Sol Selectas which is an imprint he has close connections with after featuring many times on their Summer Sol compilations. This time he features two original tracks on a release that also includes remixes by Sam Shure and Rodrigo Gallardo. Keen to learn more about that release, and his other projects, we caught up with him for this interview…

> For the people reading this who have not heard your music before, how would you describe your style, and the key elements that define it?

My music is mainly characterized by my deep passion for Middle Eastern and African music and the 80’s electronica. I often like to blend traditional organic instruments with deep electronic sounds, creating an interesting mixture of past & future, perfectly suited for the dancefloor.

> Your most recent release is on Sabo’s Sol Selectas, could you tell us about the concept of the new EP?

In recent years I have devoted a large part of my time playing instruments from North Africa and exploring music from different parts of the continent. In ‘Miombo’ EP you can hear a fusion of ethnic sounds from East and South-Central Africa, fused with futuristic electronica, traditional organic instruments, and enchanting vocals by the amazing Eritrean singer Faytinga, which inspired me from the very first second. In this EP I wanted to go deeper with the exploration of additional cultures and rhythms from the mother continent and transmit them to the dance floor in a flexible way.

> Could you talk us through the creative process of putting a track together, and list any specific equipment used to bring your sound to life?

Most of my productions are made with the use of my computer. Additionally, due to my past as a member of multiple iconic Israeli bands on a diversity of popular genres, I love playing live instruments and combining them in my productions with vocals from around the globe.

> How have you been keeping busy during the Covid 19 lockdown, do you have any tips for staying motivated with music?

These crazy times took most of us by surprise. I must say that despite that I miss playing live for my fans, I had a pleasant break from my extensive tours and was happy to lock myself in the studio. It was really amazing to have so much ‘free time’ for experimenting and creating, so very soon you’ll witness many exciting releases.

> How are things going with your own label Camel Riders, which artists have you been most excited about signing?

Our Camel Riders Family is growing rapidly all over the world, with lots of splendid projects ahead and it’s definitely very exciting. There are many amazing artists who have joined our label, but if I must choose I will go for Rodrigo Gallardo, which is also participating in this release with his absolutely brilliant remix for ‘Laganga’. In addition, it has been a huge pleasure to welcome to our label Amine K, Death On The Balcony, Tebra, KRAUT, Ohxalá, Alvaro Suarez, Klik & Frik, El Remolon, and many other talented musicians and friends. In addition, I’m very thrilled about some amazing producers which are going to make their debut on our label, such as Spaniol, The Spy From Cairo, Matija, Max Tenrom, Sound Of Mint to name a few.

> What is coming up next in your music schedule, do you have any other releases in the pipeline?

There are lots of exciting releases ahead, in a diversity of labels which I appreciate such as DJ CHUS’s brand new label – Redolent, RIKODISCO, Cafe De Anatolia, Natura Viva, and some other imprints that I can’t disclose at the moment.

> Could you give some advice or words of wisdom to any aspiring producers who might look to your music for inspiration?

Always remember what brought you to make music from the first place, and keep feeding your creative hunger with a futuristic, flexible, and innovative approach. Always be authentic and don’t forget to cherish your roots and past, but above all, look forward at all times and believe in yourself unconditionally.

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, we like to finish our interviews with a couple of questions that are a little bit light-hearted… without getting too personal, could you tell us something many don’t know about you?

Many don’t know that I have been producing music for over 30 years. I have produced many of Israel’s all-time Rock, Pop & Israeli Folk bestsellers albums and have collaborated with lots of iconic bands in a diversity of popular genres. In addition, I had a successful Dub & Reggae career, performing all over the world with my ‘Laros Soundsytem’ project.

> You don’t need to mention names, but what’s the most “outrageous” thing you have ever seen happen in a club… was it something outrageously brilliant, like a blindfolded DJ mixing seamlessly and scratching with their elbows, or something outrageously cringe-worthy, like some embarrassing drunk person urinating on the dancefloor?

I have witnessed lots of crazy stuff in many gatherings over the years. One of the most outraging situations I encountered, is when a new club in Europe had a problem with their smoke detector, and the sprinkles were activated when I was playing. The mixer and CDJs were ruined immediately, the crowd was shocked but at the same time, they were cheering, jumping and getting crazy. Luckily for me, it was just a few minutes before I ended my set. Definitely a surreal experience.

> Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, is there anything extra you want to add before we wrap up the conversation?

In addition to my huge appreciation for World music – acoustic & electronic, I have a very special place in my heart for Melodic Techno. I’m thrilled to share with you that a few months ago, I finally launched my label which is focused on this genre – ‘Mau House’.

> You can pick up a new release Laroz new release on Sol Selectas from …HERE…