Sam WOLFE burst onto the international techno scene in 2020 when he dropped his debut release on The YellowHead’s label Reload.

Since that explosive debut EP, Sam WOLFE has proven himself to be one of techno’s most consistent new talents with each release bigger and better than the last.

Maintaining a steady trajectory towards the top of the techno genre, he has appeared on other labels including Christian Smith’s Tronic and Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq, while working his way through the ranks until making contact with UMEK who runs the 1605 record label.

Sam WOLFE’s first debut on 1605 was when he featured on one of the label’s VA releases with a track made in collaboration with Rebel Boy. This then led to him and Rebel Boy collaborating on a full EP for 1605, which included the track “Psalm 39” that spent many weeks inside Beatport’s Top 10 Sales Chart.

Following up on that chart success, Sam WOLFE is back on 1605 with a much-anticipated new release, but this time he is working as a solo artist for the title track “Prison Break”.

The EP also features a second track called “1984” which is a collaboration with Kreecher who himself is a talented producer that previously worked with Sam WOLFE for his release on Tronic.

Prison Break” is built around a captivating spoken word vocal that’s augmented with a massive bassline and a dazzling array of atmospheric sound that bring the dark atmosphere to life. “1984” is up next, and its high-paced groove fuses a thumping kick drum with brutal percussion sequences.

Both of the tracks have extended breakdown sections that build tension before unleashing the explosive drums for a full-throttle finish.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE