Single-track releases are often very chalk or cheese as the record label/producer is putting all their eggs into one basket. With this in mind, we were notably impressed with the new release from Khat whose track “One Bar” is something quite special.

Khat has been releasing music since 2013, but seems to focus on quality rather than quantity, as he hasn’t put out many releases in relation to the time period. His back catalogue does include some notable labels including Elrow and Bitten.

His latest release comes via a relatively new record label called District 47 that seems to have previously been orientated around the music of RawW and Khat is the first different artist to release music on the imprint.

Prior to this release, Khat also dropped a track on District 47 called “Red Light” and this is his follow-up to that release which was also remixed by RawW.

One Bar” is his latest release, and it’s an impressive single that orientates around a mesmerising synth line that ripples and fizzes. Punishing clap rhythms and fast-flowing ride cymbals help maintain its forward momentum while a thumping kick pins down the bottom end.

It’s a very well-produced track that sounds like it’s been produced with modular hardware, and we are told that it’s already picked up DJ support from the likes of Joyce Muniz, Audiojack, Timo Maas and Alexi Delano.

You can find the release on Beatport HERE.