Mha Iri continues to rise through the ranks of the global techno scene with her latest offering on UMEK’s record label. It’s a fast and furious blend of driving drum sounds and heightened synth lines.

She first appeared on UMEK’s 1605 in 2020 and since then has become a regular on the imprint, with this being the 6th release to feature her music.

Not only has she dropped many solo tracks, she has also collaborated with UMEK, and that was one of 1605’s biggest selling tracks of 2021.

Other record labels to feature tracks by Mha Iri include The YellowHead’s Reload, Spektre’s Respekt and Markantonio’s AnalyticTrail.

Called the Timeless EP, it’s a two-track release that opens with the title track, which is centred around a sequence of lyrics that give the track its name. It’s got a mix of textured effects that create brooding atmosphere in the explosive track that’s got eerie suspense.

Second of the tracks, “Here With You” also takes its name from a distinctive vocal that is presumably Mha Iri’s own voice. The captivating vocal tones and epic synths merge with a hypnotic melody line and grinding bass notes to deliver an intense dance floor experience.

You can buy a copy HERE.