The Italian label Unrilis is certainly a classic source of raw techno gems. Born in 1999 by Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli it has released in excess of 20 vinyl EPs. The main catalogue features label head Rino himself on every EP and some special editions can also be found labelled as “.5” entries. Digging deeper, included in the impressive output is also a bunch of remix releases that include artists like Markantonio, The Advent, Gaetano Parisio, Davide Squillace, Stanny Franssen, and Joseph Capriati who should need no introduction.

After what seems like a crazy 12-year dormant period, Rilis has lined up a new EP and breaks the mould with an exciting collaboration by Sweden’s Samuel L Session and Belgium’s Van Czar. This is not the pair’s first outing as just last month they released the Motion EP on the Hardgroove label run by London don Ben Sims. Their combined previous solo works have been found on the likes of Slam’s Soma, Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, Len Faki’s FIGURE and Emmanuel’s ARTS, instantly proving their high pedigree of quality.

Samuel and Yvan have put together four original works on the new EP titled Route that kicks off with “Air Raid” which harnesses machine-like sounds with spooky textures and analogue percussion. Second up is “18-022” that’s an atmospheric trip, using abstract sounds to pierce the air and bring something quite leftfield to the table. “Route 200” is an exciting track with one purpose in mind, to fill the dance floor with pure sonic energy and looping, analogue power. “Objectivism” is the last track here and the most surprising, as it steps out of the box a little with a bouncing groove and spacey sounds. This is probably the most light-hearted track on the release, while still managing to deliver a serious dance floor shake to those looking for an instant buzz.

Very cool to see this project back up and running, and you can buy a copy of the release HERE.